To make something clear at the beginning: My job is usually to be a hanger, with or without facial expressions. Some people think that is degrading, but I don’t.

Some people think that my job is easy and stupid: you just have to wear clothes and stand in front of the camera. For that you don’t need school, as if models are stupid or not able to study. It is easier to believe that prejudice. Beautiful and stupid. Something like that.

Well, this is the way I see it:

I don’t have to waste all my gray cells for the benefit of a boss, or a director/owner and leave my soul in their companies for the sake of their wallet. My job is physical with a bit of fake emotion, but it is well paid physical work. I turn my brain on and off as I wish and need to do. I use it for the education that I want, not the one that I must have. That is ok, in fact. It’s more than ok, in my opinion.

Through this job I have wonderful experiences. I meet new people, visit new countries, cities, learn about cultures, customs, languages… everything that I see, touch, live or experience, all of it I will have in my memory for ever.

Yes, the sacrifices are huge. Yes, there are some degrading situations. Yes, I deal with many problems.  No it is not easy.

Our first and main concern is pure survival: pocket money, problems with language, being alone in the big city, life with girls you don’t know…

The second problem is battling the competition every day for jobs. Models have castings–interviews for jobs-all day long.

It does not mean that I am a creature to be underestimated. That does not give rights to some people to treat us like dolls, to ignore us, to underestimate us or exploit us. No one has the right to take out their frustrations on models. This is mainly a story about people who do exactly that, since most of the people in this business have all kinds of complexes. You will read all kinds of stories about that.

I want to make sure that you know.

You understand that there are exceptions, and I am happy that I have had the chance to meet some great people. They are a reminder for me not to generalize. So they do exist, but their number is very small.

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