In the apartment are three rooms with four beds in each, which is 12 places for sleeping and one bathroom. There are a kitchen and a living room as well. All the beds are taken except one on the floor. Actually, it is just a mattress because the bed frame is broken.

The apartment is a total mess, dirty and smelly. I have to open the windows straight away. I feel like crying and screaming loudly at the same time. Disaster. Disgusting. Thunder and hell.

The kitchen is a smoother version of Hiroshima after the atomic bomb. Dishes dirty with leftovers on every free surface. Empty bottles, tetra packs, plastic plates, glasses, forks/ spoons/ knives on the working surface and on the table. The garbage bin is overloaded, and around it is enough garbage for two extra bags at least. I am expecting to see bugs and rats doing a dance in this paradise.

About the bathroom… Hm. I don’t want to go into the details. Even a few years after that I had an urge to vomit when I remember it. I can write pages and pages about that horror, the tiniest details, but I think it is not fair. If that picture is haunting me, I shouldn’t make the same problem for you, too.

Where are these girls coming from when they can live in pig house like this? Is it really possible?

Straight away I have on my mind a list of diseases you could get in a place like this.


On the way to my bed I am wondering if is there a way to get through this pile of clothes and shoes without stepping on it. Well, if is ok for the girls to have all that on the floor, they won’t mind me moving a pile away with my foot. Just to make some free way to my mattress. Underwear is hanging on the beds and locks. I hope it is washed and just drying. But anyway… I can’t not notice a boot “sleeping” on the bed next to the wall. It must be a very tired boot after miles of walking through Paris. On the pillow case on one of the beds I can see a combination of the make-up from that week (I hope not weeks or months), washed away from one of the beauties that sleeps on it.  Even my bed on the ‘ground floor’ is surrounded by a mess that is somebody’s, so I have to clean it by moving it with my feet. I don’t have any other option. I am aware that what I am doing right now is not nice; it is somebody’s underwear and clothes, but I don’t see any other possibility. There is no way I will take that with my hands, when it is obvious that the owner is not using her own hands for her things.

I clear a way to my kingdom. The bedding looks clean, but the risk is big. Luckily, I have my own. My dear mum packed it with some stuff for disinfection, so I start cleaning and tidying my own space. When the other beauties/roomies come, we will have a talk about hygiene. They have to be aware that I am able to make a huge scandal if they don’t clean this mess tonight.

Forty-five minutes later, when I am done with cleaning the walls and floor around my bed, I even get some paint off the walls from scrubbing, they start coming. Good timing.

When they all get in, it’s time to introduce myself and organize some cleaning. We will not wait for morning in this mess.

While they are looking for space to sit in the living room, I am watching them maneuver around the mess and avoid it in order to find a place to sit without touching anything or picking up something, God forbid. There are remains of burned candles on the floor, table, and shelf (we just need some romance in this subtle and sensual atmosphere). Papers of eaten chocolates, or whatever, are not catching an eye because there are dozens of empty bottles around that are more visible. Some girl has to kick the bottle on the way to her sitting position- probably practice has made her professional at it- and in few moments all of them are in sitting positions. I am fascinated at how good they are in this maneuver. It is time to start.

“Hello, my name is Ines”


What is wrong with them?

Did I say something wrong? Verb or greeting?

Let’s try again. A little bit more loud this time!

“Hello girls, I am Ines, your new roommate!”

Silence again. They are looking at me like I am an alien. I am stepping toward each of them, lending a hand to introduce myself, what is odd about that? In my country that is a normal way of introduction! They are mumbling something with no strength to lend a hand. But that is not going to interfere with my ideas to introduce radical measures in our lifestyle and hygiene in this shared place!

“You know girls this mess is not nice. Why is nobody cleaning this?”

“What do you mean nobody is cleaning? There is a cleaning lady coming every Friday!”

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.  Four days and here is a landfill. How does it look on Thursday evening?

“That is great. But if she cleans, why are you not maintaining it? Look at it, the fourth day and an unbearable mess, smell and disaster?”

Silence. I can see it is not going my way.

“OK then. This is how we are going to deal with it: tonight all of you together will clean this mess. In the future everybody will clean after themselves. If you use a dish wash it right after use. Garbage will be taken out every night and morning, the schedule will be made tonight. The bathroom will be cleaned after every use. Clothes and shoes will be placed and will remain in the suitcases, wardrobes, on or under your beds, anywhere you want, but our shared space will be tidy and clean. It is going to be nicer and more comfortable to spend time in this apartment. There are 12 of us, let’s try not to live in a mess even though it is crowded.”

“As soon as you start, the sooner you will finish. It is sure that you are tired after castings, but in the morning it is going to be much nicer for all of us when we get up.”

No protest. That is strange. They get up, each of them starts cleaning something, and in short time the apartment looks much nicer.

While cleaning is in process I manage to make some conversation with one of the girls. I find out that some of them do not speak English at all, there is no friendly chat between them (only between girls speaking same language) and no one ever introduces themselves.

“What? They just move in and walk around the house without introduction?”

“Something like that”

“Strange. And why is that?”

“Well, because some of them don’t speak English, some of them are not educated well, some of them are naughty on propose and some of them have an ego issue.”

It is clear as sky that we will not have a friendly time together.

After I control the apartment, I conclude that they are able to do it right, they are just lazy. I will make sure we exchange laziness for cleanliness. I think it will fit us more nicely.

I am done for the day. After 45 minutes of waiting for the bathroom, I am deadly tired. Ready for dreams.

Resume of the day: the beginning of my great career is not so glamorous. Reality is far from that, but I will make sure that I look at the positive side of everything. Good night


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